Joseph's Story

"I am now happily married... and was able to build a 3-bedroom bungalow in my village"

It all started in April 1994. As a promising student, I specialised in electrical engineering. Before graduation we were sent on an industrial internship. It was during this period that one day in my sleep, I saw a man I knew in real life from my village. He was forcing me to eat dried faeces. I refused, so we started struggling. He was bent on forcing me and in the struggle I fell from my bed in real life. From that very moment I lost my mental coordination as a human being. I was heavily stigmatised by everybody in my community, except my immediate family, who did their best to help.

First I was taken to hospital. From there I went to various doctors and clinics (including native doctors) but my problems persisted. My aged mother kept vigil for me for days on end. Then I ran away into the bush. Whilst asleep one night, a man appeared in my dream and gave me a description of where I should go and get my healing. Later, through a brother I was taken to that place, which turned out to be the home of Mr John Idam Idume, coordinator of community mental health services at Amaudo. As soon as I came under his care, I started recovering until I got well enough to support myself.

I applied for a job and rose to the position of Marketer at Uburu Service Centre, Ohaozara L.G.A. I am now happily married to my adorable first lady, a staff member of UBEB Afikpo. By God’s grace I was able to build a 3-bedroom bungalow in my village. Amaudo helped me regain my sanity, which I lost for many years. In life, any challenge can destroy our destiny, but don’t give up, especially if it relates to mental illness. Utilize good treatment facilities like Amaudo, for all forms of mental problems, instead of seeking spiritual solutions which don’t normally work well for treating mental problems.