Chidi's Story

"living at amaudo made her feel secure and relaxed"

Chidi fell sick and left home before her youngest child had started school. She wandered the streets of Umuahia until she ended up on the corner by the world bank where she lived for two months.  People regularly threw rubbish at her and hurled verbal abuse in her direction. She felt 'banished and very scared'. Sometimes people gave her small amounts of money which enabled her to survive. 

The Amaudo team picked her from the streets in September and she came to the Centre at Okopedi. After only 3 months she has recovered enough to go home.  She has learnt hairdressing skills which she plans to use when she leaves to earn some money.  Living at Amaudo made her feel 'secure and relaxed'. She was really excited to be going home to her children and husband in time for Christmas.